About Us



 FGM3 Environmental is a multi-generational family investment company created for the purpose of identifying unique opportunities in the world of business and new technologies. We provide early stage or angel-level investment services, as well as creating start-up companies with new partners. FGM3 Environmental is a company created to disrupt and revolutionize the American municipal waste processing industry by a introducing a superior, and more innovative technology. 


 By 2020, the UN predicts the global population will be around 8.5 billion people. This rapid growth in population severely amplifies the challenges we face regarding climate change, resource depletion and environmental pollution. FGM3 Environmental plans to combat these global challenges involving resource sustainability with any new source of technology that is available. The Theseus System concentrates on reducing the obscene amount of waste piling up in new landfills all over the country, and will also improve the current methods for extracting reusable and recyclable material from the waste.

Managing the disposal of municipal solid waste is currently complex, difficult and costly.  Compounding the problem is the low rate of residential recycling, resulting in large quantities of valuable household materials such as paper, glass, aluminum, plastic, ferrous metals (metals containing iron) and wood being discarded inappropriately to landfills.  The current "solution" for waste disposal simply consists of throwing our garbage into landfills, then closing the landfills when they become too large or hazardous; then we open a new one and repeat the cycle. FGM3 Environmental recognizes that this kind of complacent policy is not environmentally sustainable and will only set our country back in the fight against climate change. FGM3 plans to solve the problem with a proprietary solution than can improve the disposal of household waste in any city across the United States. 


 FGM3 Environmental transforms an economic hazard into a renewable resource with a variety of applications. Our innovative, patented technology helps municipalities across the United States increase local sustainability, while reducing their waste processing costs in the process. FGM3 Environmental plans to continue implementing innovative technologies like the Theseus System across various geographic locations and industries. 


 Our management at FGM3 Environmental envisions a future where environmental sustainability and business dynamics go hand in hand. The future depends on entrepreneurs who innovate to make our world a better place. We must look to the future and develop new methods of conserving these resources in an efficient and productive manor. FGM3 Environmental's business model relies on being socially responsible while offering a proprietary solution to global environmental challenges such as clean energy, pollution and security. The utilitarian mentality that FGM3 Environmental embodies sets a new ethical standard for companies around the world.