Our Mission

 To provide simple technological solutions to complex problems that burden all citizens environmentally and economically. We are currently focused on revolutionizing the municipal household waste industry by creating a more efficient and sustainable system. 

Serving A Greater Purpose


FGM3 Environmental is a company created to bring an innovative technology from Europe to the United States that will reduce environmental pollution and improve reclamation of reusable materials in household waste. Our technology will transform 

household waste from an environmental and economic liability, into an asset with far reaching values economically, environmentally and politically. FGM3 Environmental will literally demonstrate that “one man's trash is another mans treasure."

The Theseus System is an innovative environmental technology that aims to sustain our environmental resources and revolutionize the municipal waste processing industry. Our system offers a simple solution to the challenges created by the massive amount of trash piling up in landfills and the lack of efficient recycling that result in additional pollution.

Benefits of Theseus System


1.) Reduces the excessive amount of household waste piling up in landfills across the United States.

2.) Standardizes the recycling process in landfills, and more efficently separates the recyclable  and reusable material found in household waste.

3.) Eliminates the need for citizens to manually separate their household waste based on type of material.

4.) Reduces the demand for deforestation through the sustainable production of a composite material.

5.) Provides budgetary cost savings and additional revenue for the municipality that the Theseus System services.